Just got an Email from Ally, our friend in Central America. Here is her email:

hi, news update.
I got very sick last night. had to go to the hospital today. I have bacteria and parasites… along with a 101 degree temperature that keeps fluctuating up and down.
At the hospital i got a shot along with four other drugs. I slept all day, was very weak and could hardly stand.
I was so sad when i got sick it made me even more homesick than before. Not to mention i couldn’t go on the Volcano hike today up Pacaya, Which i think upset me even more. (guess you could say i’ve been crying all day about it) I feel like i missed out the fullest. Major super bummer.
With all the drugs im taking im feeling a little better, and hopefully god will provide. Please if you could keep me in your prayers.
and pass on the news update. i don’t know when ill be around a computer again.
love ally

So, please keep Ally in your prayers.

Alli Needs Prayers

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