Here is some Good News!  John Roberts (aka John-John) just txt me – he got a job!   2 weeks ago he told us that if he could get a job he’d be able to stay in town.  He said he’d look and trust that if God wanted him to stay that he’d find one.  Forgive me for being skeptical… but in my years of working with college students – finding employment is often talked about but rarely made a priority (especially during summer months)!  It seems that friends, fun, sleeping in and generally being lazy are way more important than FINDING work!  But John was good on his end… he looked diligently and applied at several places.  God blessed and boom – John has a job (I’m so stoked that it looks like he will be able to stay in town!).

I was thinking about how often I hear others (I say it myself), “I’d like to really grow in my faith and relationship with God”.  But just like  job hunting in the summer – there seems to be a lot of thinks that we would rather do…  It’s so funny – college students with no job often complain that they don’t have to money to do so and so… and when we complain about a with a suspiciously lazy relationship with God.  To get enjoy the benefits of job or a healthy spiritual life – they both take effort on our part and then God often kicks in too.

Job hunting or lazy?

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  • June 4, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    That is AWESOME! I could not agree with Noah any more! John is a great example of coming to grips with God in control in our lives and if it is in His plan, things will happen. great news!!!!


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