Just wanted to let you know that after roughly 30 hours of traveling, I’ve arrived safely home in Tahoe. The camp in Jahorina went extremely well! We had 9 students from Banja Luka attend. This is a huge miracle because each one of them got to hear the gospel, get their questions answered, have fun with friends, and enjoy the beautiful environment around them! I even got to share my testimony with a couple girls. Yes, God did awesome things last week!
Attached is a picture of everyone at the camp. I’m missing my new friends greatly. Thanks for your prayers so far. Please pray for me this week as I am processing the trip and trying to figure how to apply what God has taught me to my life 🙂
The next email you get should have a conclusive wrap up letter… I’m spending the next two weeks in Tahoe just relaxing and processing. I’d love to talk to anyone via phone or skype about my experiences if you are interested. Email or call me if you’d like to talk.
Talk to you soon!
– Nicole
Nicole’s Bosnia Update! #5 – I’m Home!

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