Hello there,
I’m glad to say I am safe here in Thailand . God is so good. It has been a rough week, but God has been doing so much.
I am staffing the girl’s house at Baan Jai Daow which is the housing for University students who have come to know the Lord. Many of the girls in the house are new to Christianity and have many questions. It has been a blessing to see new hearts eager to learn the word of God. There are 17 girls total in the house right now. I am focusing on encouraging them to do outreach in their own University.
Every week we have an open dinner with worship and we take that as an opportunity to invite students from the university and people from the slums nearby to join us. Many of the girls are shy or scared to go out and invite people, so I am trying to encourage them and have them invite people to as many functions as we can. We are also working on starting a new round of English class open to the community so I will have the girls help with that. I am also starting a girls night that they can invite their friends to when we will be doing fun things in the house like; movie night, pedicure night, game night, etc. This will give their friends a chance to see how they live. And an opportunity for questions.
BJD community night pii ek giving testimony.

Something so cool, we have a couple of pet goats here and just the other night the female gave birth to a little baby girl. So we have a new member of the family now. It was an amazing experience, everyone in the house gathered around to watch the birth and then some of the boys helped clean up our new baby goat. I know its funny but it truly was bonding time for us all.
God has been so good but there are still language barriers. I am taking Thai classes but it takes time, so it has been hard to explain things about Christ to the girls, I have also been struggling with culture shock. I know God is using me and I am here with a purpose, but things have been unclear about how long I am to stay, so I will be praying about it for the rest of the month. God could be calling me for 6 months, a year or longer. for now I feel it is best for me to wait on the lord for his timing, for this reason processing the money you have all sent is takeing a little longer. The checks most likely will not be processed for another four weeks because they had to be sent here to Thailand. Please forgive this delay.
Please pray for me and my relationship with the girls. That we can grow stronger as a family regardless of our languages. And that I will pick up Thai quickly. Also keep praying for the girls that they will be confident in their relationships with God, that they will be strong in the word and speaking with their friends about Christ. Pray for the community in ram 2 Bangkok that people will be open to learning about Christ, and that we would make many new friends this month. Also pray that I would have clarity over the time God wants me here as well as wisdom and discernment in speaking with the girls.
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement.
for one heart
Michelle carter

For One Heart

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