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What a crazy month it has been. God has been doing so much, I barely know where to begin. I think I just want to give praise to the Lord for the great things he has done and is doing. One of our BJD girls accepted Christ this month. Woohoo!! Her name is Pang ,she is 19 and super excited about Christ. Please pray for her as she grows deeper in relation with Christ. Also pray for our friend, Jom. Jom came to BJD this past year as a Buddhist. Since then he has decided he does not want to be Buddhist and has been studying the Bible. This is a total praise, but Jom still isn’t sure he fully wants to accept Christ. This is a huge decision for him so please keep him in prayer.

I’m also excited to let you know that at the end of this month we will be taking a team of about 16 from the BJD house on an out-reach up North to Chaing Rai. We will be working with Kadeo Orphanage  Kadeo is housing that provides for 100 kids, ranging from infant to high school ages, that were abandoned or orphaned. We will be helping the Kadeo staff by working with the kids on their studies, hang out and love on them, as well as talking to them about how to pursue going to University. We will also be doing a few odd jobs fixing things around the house. This is extremely exciting for me as this will be an opportunity for the BJD students to share the Kingdom of God, and see His body working all over their country. We will be leaving the 23rd of November. The total expense for all the students combined is about 16,000 baat this is about $400.00 U.S. and I just want to praise the lord with this because we were able to receive sponsorship and have the whole cost for the students paid. So awesome! God is so good! As for the leadership, we are expected to cover our own costs. So for me it will cost 2,000 baat. It is 1200 for transportation and 400 for food and I would like to bless Kadeo by filling up their gas tanks with the extra 400 baat. 2,000 baat equals about $60.00 U.S.  So please pray about it and, if you would like to, support me in leading the BJD Chaing Rai out- reach. It’s greatly appreciated.

Outside of the BJD house we have been working on different construction projects in the slums. This month we focused on a bridge that goes over the sewage water that most houses in the slums are built on. During this time we also hung out with families in that section of the slum. Some of the boys made friends with an older gentleman and just last week he accepted Christ. Please pray for him in this time as he is getting to know the few other believers in the slums as well as going to a church for the first time. Praise God that we have a new friend and brother in Christ. This makes four believers in the slums and we are excited to see that number grow! Please keep our friends in the slums, Maew, Yaiy Noi, Lek, and Mai in your prayers as they live in a very harsh environment.

Last, but certainly not least, I started working with Thaisong this month. Thaisong is another slum ministry in Bangkok that employs women in the slums to make hand bags out of recycled plastic bags. The bags are sold fair trade ove seas to the U.S. The women receive all of the proceeds, so please check it out at www.thaisongfaretrade.org. Thaisong has also started a jewelry line made from straws and bottle caps. It has been my great joy to help start up this new line. The heart and vision of the Thaisong jewelry is to provide jobs for the BJD students. The students have no or little source of income and work to provide completely for themselves and their families.

This past week I and my good friend, Jeremy, who is the head of inventory at Thaisong, were on our way home when we got into a small motorcycle accident. Praise God that both our injuries were minor. However, hospital care was needed to help fight against infection. This was an unexpected cost to me so if anyone would like to contribute to the medical costs it would be greatly appreciated.

Wow! Life is crazy. And as many of you know I have been praying over how long the Lord would have me stay in Thailand. Looking back at this month I have realized that it is more beneficial for all the ministries I am involved in to be here long term. So, I am sticking with my 1 to 2 year commitment. I feel that the enemy has been hitting me with everything he’s got. And it makes me laugh because he struggles so hard to take us out of the game, but instead more and more people have come to Christ and our ministries are growing larger and larger. “Ha”, we say to the enemy, “Give it all you got because nothing can stop our God”. Amen!

Thank you all for your prayers this month. Know that God has heard you and they have made a difference. Our God is a great and powerful God. Please continue to let me know how you have been. It brings joy to hear how God is working back home.

With one heart,

Michelle Carter

One Heart – Nov. 2010

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