Merry Christmas everyone

I hope it was a truly awesome time of family, friends and of course celebration of  our saviors birthday. I am sorry for the delay in my updates I was hoping to get a video update out this month but I had some problems with it so I am hoping to have it all figured out next month. J but here is a quick update on what’s been happening in Thailand for November, and December

We succeeded in our Chaing Rai out reach and were able to bless the Kaodee orphanage we were working on building them a whole new garden and also helping restore some of their crops. It was an amazing time of fellowship. Two of our students Nat and Nai got to share their testimonies with the kids and we did a bonfire for the whole orphanage with praise and worship. It was a blessing to stand with 100 kids all singing praises to God. We were also able to bless Kaodee with supplies for building what we hope will be a church. It was a truly awesome time of bonding for our BJD students and the kids of Kaodee. Please pray that we can continue to do outreach there.

We also went to Pataya and did a huge worship service off the top of their city hall building. This was to pray over the city of Pataya and also pray over the ministrys that are placed there. we had a little over 100 people come and join in the worship and prayer, and after we baptized 7 of the BJD students in the ocean.

This month BJD has been focusing on sharing the story of Jesus birth through out the Ram 2 University. Thailand as a country does not celebrate Christmas but we are so blessed to be a religiously free country with the ability to share this story and have celebrations with our ministries. BJD focused mostly on on=campus evangilisim, and slum ministries. We invite students on a daily basis to hang out and play games.This is a relationship builder and gives us foundation to show them Christ. Please pray for Fern, Bum, Boo, Bee, and Aum as they are new freshman at the University and have been coming to hang out with us at BJD. We have asked all of them to live in the BJD house but for now they are still just hanging out. Most students are not from Bangkok and do not have the best living situations so it is our goal to provide them with living and community whether they are a Christian or not.

Along with that we had a new student move in last month his name is Tdon and he has already asked to accept Christ. While this is actually unusual for Thailand we are supper excited that he wants to know Jesus. Keep him in your prayers as his family is Buddhist and he will be going through a lot of changes.  And also with our English class ministry we did a play on the story of Jesus.  We were blessed to have a YWAM team from Russia and a missions team from a ministry called World Race help us act out our plays. Many students attended and had questions. Please pray for Goat, Thon, and Jack, as they are English students who have been coming to hang out with us outside of class, and asking questions.

I know that this can be overwhelming but I am asking for prayer over these students because God hears all our prayers whether they are people you know or not. He still responds and seeks out those who do not know him all through out the world. God has already blessed the BJD ministry because of the prayers you have all spoken. Seeing our students lives changed by God is partly because of your support here. And along with that I have more awesome news. Another of our students here at BJD named Jom accepted Christ this past tuesday. Woohoo!! This was a total blessing and complete surprise. Jom has been living with us for about 7 months and we have been praying for this time. We are so excited for what God has done. Thank you all so much for keeping him in your prayers. God is so awesome and he has blessed me so much it is crazy to see so much changing and remembering why his son was born. The reason is before our eyes everyday in every person we see. and I am so thankful for that. Thank you Jesus.

Keep January in your prayers as I will be going into Laos on the 31st of Dec so I can get a new visa and stay in Thailand . Please pray for me and my friend Uu who will be with me, as Laos is a communest country and I will be there over New Years. Also safety for our contacts there during our meeting and that I will be allowed my next three months in Thailand . I will also be going into the village pala-uu on the 17th of Jan. Pala-uu is the Karen people group from Burma that are living on the boarder of Thailand . Me and my contact Lawn will be taking a group of our Thai friends from Phetchaberri as well as a YWAM team from Denver in to continue building them crops, working on different construction projects and teaching English. Please pray for strong relationships to be made as our friends in Phetchaberri including

Lawn, and the Karen do not have relationships with Jesus. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and prayers this past month. And I will hopefully have my video updates next month so you can get to know some of the students. Thank you again and happy Jesus birthday.

With one heart

Michelle carter

Checks Payable to: Michelle Carter

Address: YWAM/Michelle Carter

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One Heart – Dec. 2010

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