We are in Port Elizabeth, South Africa!!!

After an incredibly long couple of days of travel, me and my team have arrived safely to our destination.  Not only are we here, but God’s sovereignty has lead and provided for us in miraculous ways.  We have amazing families hosting us for the first few days, who are also great at showing us the South African culture.  They had a South African BBQ for us and are extremely helpful with answering questions and easing our adjustment into the new culture, i.e. like driving on the left side of the road.

We have been able to visit the campus and prayer walk around the campus.  They are having freshman orientation today and we are excited for starting the ministry here in the coming weeks.  We still have much to learn about the culture and become settled in with housing and transportation, but we are excited for what awaits us.  God has been so good and faithful over these past few days, so we continue to rejoice and praise Him for his work that he predestined for us.  Thank you for your prayers throughout this whole process.

Many of my supporters recently started supporting me and I had little time before my flight to write a thank you card.  I am extremely thankful for your generosity and sacrificial giving and I hope you understand and receive my full gratitude. Additionally, if you have not received anything, I hope to send you something in the next couple weeks from my network in the US.

You are an encouragement to me while I am here.  Thank you.

Joyfully,   Nick

Nick Stewart post: “arrival”

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