In case you missed latest social controversy, Amy Chau a Yale Law professor wrote a book (she says it’s a memorior but people are treating as sudo-parenting guide) “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”.  In it she champions what I’ll call the benefits of “directed” parenting (the Chinese method, shared by most Asians) verse the “friendship” model, the current model employed by most western parents.

I can understand why it has elicited strong reactions.  Every parent thinks they know best.  As a someone who worked with teens and parents for 15 years I have seen the pro’s and con’s to both approaches.  I think the article is of great value because it challenges in a subject most parents spend little time really thinking about.  What directs may parenting style?  So wheather you have children now, or one day you’ll become a parent, it’ll get you thinking.  Being a spouse and a parent is the top rung on the responsibility ladder in our earthy priorities.  Do all things well, bringing honor God…

Here is the original Wall Street Journal article that got things started:

Here is are some good insights from a professor at Biola:

PS-  Whatevery you think of the article, she has appently raised to sucessful girls and has a good marriage.  I am reading one of her books: “World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability.”  She knows her stuff about free market economics and its impact on globalization!

Are Chinese Mothers Superior?

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