– Trip to Laos,

– Connecting With New Students,

Finance update: I need your help to stay!

My visa run in laos went well, with a few delays I was granted another three months in Thailand. During my stay I became good friends with a man and his family. I stayed with them and prayed for their newborn baby. I’m looking forward to seeing them on my next visa run.

Gambling is a huge problem in asia, the couple I stayed with belong to the kingdom, unfo

rtunately their parents do not and run a gambling business out of there home. Children as young as six run the games while there parents gamble. I was shocked to realize that the children were the ones handling the money that would have fed them dinner. There seems to be no desire in the parents to change. My heart brakes for this situation.

Fortunately my friends and their kids live in the back of the house away from the gambling. They have shared with me how hard it is to be Christ to there parents. Please pray for there strength to keep sharing with there parents, for open hearts, and protection for the children.

BJD Update:

This month BJD has been focusing on campus ministries. through this we have five new girls hanging out and getting to know us. Aum, Sun, Oung, Waa, Muay have all joined our English class and Aum and Sun have both started coming to Tuesday worship.

An update for the girls I talked about last month. Bum and Fern have joined a church closer to there home and come to family nights, and Bee has started coming to girls nights.

We have also had two boys hang out with us. Jaai and Thoi both come to English class and have been getting to know our boys staff. As for Boo who I talked about last month. he and a BJD student Jom are very good friends, and he has been coming to Tuesday night worship. Total praise!!! a student named Pan excepted Christ this month through our sports ministries, and he has become good friends with Nirut who is staff for BJD. Pan has also been coming to boys bible studies.

Budget update:

I have been blessed by the one time support you have all given and was able to pay the full years rent. But unfortunately I have yet to receive any new long term support. This is important for paying my monthly ministry fees and personal fees.

My monthly needs are $300 US per month. This covers food, living, outreaches, building projects, visa or boarder runs, ect. This means I only need 20 people to give $15 per month.

Right now I’m only receiving $32 per month. This barely covers the cost of food!

While I am still grateful for any one-time support, long term support will ensure my stay in Thailand. I am open to sharing my budget with you. So if you are interested in seeing where the money goes please e-mail me and I will send you a detailed letter.

I have also been unable to attend thai language class. Class is $60 a month. It is extremely important for me and the ministries I’m involved in, so if anyone wants to give specifically to language, that would be great!

Prayer request:

Please keep our student in prayer as they are all in very different places in learning about Christ. my contact in laos and his family. more thai women to step up as leaders in BJD. My finances. Thank you so much for all your prayers. And I look forward to shareing what God is doing in Thailand next month.

With one heart,

Michelle Carter

One Heart – Jan. 2011

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