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“South Africa is a country with first world infrastructure and third world realities

As I heard that statement from a national staff member with Campus Crusade, it made sense.  And it becomes more true each week.  As we look for used cars, we visit people who live in beautiful homes along the beach or in guarded neighborhoods.  The roads.  Hotels. Restaurants.  Malls.  All exist in abundance and in excellent condition.  That is the infrastructure.  Yet, the reality is shocking.  As you head inland, a large township appears to your left.  Tin roofs.  Mismatched walls.  Shacks.  Cattle grazing right next to the road.  And most recently, little naked boys swimming in a stagnant pond to cool off from the heat.   One could visit this place and think it is Santa Barbara,CA.  That the people are well off and life is good, but that’s not the reality and its glimpses like these or often the scars that characterize a mans face, that show the brokenness of our world.  I often think, “If only they had _____, then things would improve”, but again the reality is the pain and suffering will never stop.  Not until, Jesus Christ returns.  And what a wonderful day that will be!

I wanted to share this nugget of reflection with you, in hopes that my experiences here can shed light on the world around us.  I look forward to sharing more of these nuggets throughout the year, so that we both can gain a larger perspective of God’s working.  I will also be posting some thoughts on my new blog at and it would be insightful to hear your responses to some of my postings, if you have time that is.

As we partner together, it is my desire to not only keep you informed about my time here in South Africa, but to also be engaged in your life as well.  I want to be praying for you, so if there is anything that is troubling, or challenging, or encouraging that you would like to share, please do.

Thank you so much and God bless.



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