The phrase “all men are created equal” is among the best known political words to most Americans.  I was re-reading “Radical” (by David Platt, I give it 3 out of 5 stars), at the beginning of one chapter he uses the famous phrase to point out how it subtlety  impacts evangelism.  It goes like this:  since we believe that all people are equal in terms of worth before God and that all of our lives are of equal value, and we think of an individuals “life” as embodied by actions, ideas and beliefs that we must be accepting and tolerant of others actions, ideas and beliefs.  So subtlety we are inclined to believe that my ideas (or beliefs) are just that, my ideas (or beliefs); and your ideas (or beliefs), are just that, your ideas (or beliefs).  Each are equally valid.  No one dares think that his/her ideas (or beliefs) are better than anyone else, because to say so means that not all are equally valid…  By extension we may be hesitant to claim Christian teaching as superior to other belief systems.

Our current Wednesday night series “Theology & Life” is about coming to terms with this very issue.  What you believe and hold as Truth shapes how we live.

Al Molher has a really good article out today titled:  “How did this Happen?  Why Same-Sex Marriage Makes Sense to So Many“*.  The subtitle is:  “Same-sex marriage is not an idea that emerged from a vacuum. The project of normalizing homosexuality has deep roots and ideological momentum“.  He does a great job pointing out what we think (as a society) effects how we shape and come to understand and accept moral stands.  Really good read.

What do you think?

1.)  Why does it matter that Christianity be embraced and shared as Truth, not just a competing theory among many other belief systems?

2.)  Would you agree or disagree with the statement: “All men and woman are created equal, but not all ideas are equal?”  Why or why not?


All men are created equal… (but not all ideas are equal)

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