I don’t know if you read all the comments on out other posts, but Heather shared some GREAT insights that I wanted you to make sure others read…. Thanks Heather!

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I am addicted too! I check way too often. I don’t read my Bible enough.
I’ve been making jokes with my friends lately that if it wasn’t posted on facebook it didn’t happen…which is really scary because I think we (myself soo included) are beginning to miss out on experiencing experience! Half the time we don’t even take pictures for memories, it’s all to share with our social networks. And there’s this growing lack of delayed gratification that makes us so impatient to the rest of the world. Not to mention the lack of our own boundaries, what happened to privacy? I honestly don’t want to know that much about some people!
Of course that’s just my personal rant. I’m actually watching the kids I work with lose much needed skills because they are living a life online. When problems arise they deal with them by bullying on facebook or sending messages there, it never even occurs to them to make a phone call or talk face to face. They never learn how to deal with problems in a mature way. They never take the time to process a situation. They just react. It’s a scary future!
I do see the benefits facebook does provide (especially as I’ve been watching my mom reconnect with friends from years ago, something she really needs right now) but I think that it grew so fast, and there is so much still to learn about how society works with facebook in their lives, we haven’t developed a secure sense of etiquette there. And that may be what draws us in too, the total unexpectedness.  – From Heather A.

I am addicted 2… (via Heather – heathernicoolia)

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