I have had a few request about what is the best outlet to be a part of providing relief for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.  Here is a part of an email I received today.  If your interested email me noah@sierracommunitychurch.org and I’ll forward you the links or answer any questions you may have.  Pretty awesome to know that we have 80 partner Churches in Japan and 30 close the where the greatest need is!   Pray for our family members there! – Noah


CBAmerica       March 2011

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness,humility, gentleness and patience.”

Colossians 3:12


We’ve all been moved by the images that we are receiving from Japan in the wake (literally and figuratively) of tragedies of that are unfolding there. The loss of life and the ongoing suffering are truly beyond comprehension. As Dr. Rene Atienza, President of CBGlobal writes:



“You are all aware of the massive earthquake, then tsunami, continuing aftershocks, and now the nuclear reactor problems that happened in Japan. It is all over the Internet and the television.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, we covet your prayers for all those who have been directly affected and for the government and the Japanese people as they gather resources and work together along with all volunteer helps from all over the globe. Pray especially for our CB churches that are in the affected areas.

SECONDLY, we wish to appeal to all of our CBGlobal members for financial help in behalf of our brethren and churches in Japan. They need all the assistance that they could get to reconstruct their homes and church buildings on top of rebuilding their broken spirits.


CHURCHES We have about 80 CB churches in Japan, a majority of which are located in the Northeast region where the disaster happened. More than 30 of these churches are within a 60- mile radius of the epicenter of the earthquake. Pray specially for these following areas:

    1. Kurihara City – we have two churches here and this is nearest to the epicenter.
    2. Kessenuma City – this is the city that is in flames and we have two churches here.
    3. Natori City – this is where the tsunami inundated the farm land. We have a church here as well.
    4. Fukushima City – there is a CB church within 5 kilometers from the nuclear reactor. The people in the area were all evacuated. There is a possibility the church will stop meeting due to the evacuation.
    5. Five CB churches in Miyagi Prefecture, namely those in Kesen-numa, Ishino-maki,Ohfunato and Natori cities could not be contacted. Broadcast says the tsunami killed many lives in the area.”

CBAmerica, along with the other partner national church associations that make up CBGlobalincluding CB Hong Kong, CB Macau, CB Philippines, CB Taiwan, and CB Indonesia, desire to support relief efforts to the churches of CB Japan. We would encourage compassion and generosity on the part of individuals and churches in response to this escalating crisis.



Relief for Japan

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