As a kid I remember how the Cheech & Chong  movies portrayed smoking pot as being cool and carefree.  Driving to the “Y” from the church office I pass buy two outlets that sell marijuana like 7/11 sells hotdogs and slurpees, something I wouldn’t have imagined in even in my High school days.  My how things have changed from Cheech and Chong.  It makes my wonder where we are headed.  Looking back there are many examples (same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the military) of thing once thought taboo that now are excepted as a part of the normal fabric of our society.

Here is a recent article from Christianity Today with three view on the Medical Marijuana question:

1.  What do you think about the use of Medical Marijuana?

2.  What issue that now may seem taboo, do you think will be excepted as “normal in years to come?

Up In Smoke…

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