June update

Sawadee ka tuuk kon (hello friends)

I hope this month has had many blessings for you all. The BJD house has had a lot of excitement as we have started our new English class, and also welcomed 4 new students into the house. Sher, Nan, Lek, and Jung.

Sher and Nan had both known about Christ before moving in but were not sure they wanted to accept him. Well I’m excited to say that they both believe in Christ now as there lord and savior. Also our English class had a good start as we have 7 new students as well as 4 students returning from last semester, thank you for all your prayers last month as we were preparing for this new semester.

We also have another new staff member Nathan join the family this month. He was working with a YWAM team in Chaing mai (the north of Thailand) last year. Nathan has been living in the BJD house the past few months while studding Thai and praying about where God is leading him next, well it looks like BJD is the place. WOOHOO! Another answer to prayer.

YAY! I can finally give an update for SiiTut and his family. They will be moving to Thailand next month. And Sii Tut will be helping people do visa runs into Laos from Bangkok. They still want to ministry to his parents and the community but recently it became unhealthy to keep living there. Sii Tut and his family will be staying with us to get adjusted. Please pray for there safety as they travel from Laos to Thailand.

This past month I have been working a lot with the girls in the house on self image, confrontation, forgiveness, and what total submission to Christ looks like. All of these topics are sensitive to this culture. And have brought up some hard conversations in the house. So I have been teaching a lot on personal culture verses kingdom culture. (Gods culture) and what the scriptures say about how we live our new lives now belonging to Christ. This has been a rough road and will continue to be a rough road in the months ahead. Please keep these things in prayer as we have been dealing with spiritual warfare from people’s pasts as well as the everyday obstacles. God is good and I know this is a part of growing as a family. Thank you all again for your prayers over us last month, and your continued support and prayer.

With one heart

Michelle carter


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Michelle Carter’s June 2011 Update!

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