To all my College/20 Somethin’s –

I want to take a minute to remind you of what’s coming up over the next few weeks.  But before I lay out the schedule… Let me share a few prayer requests from our friends.

Anthony Barton left this morning for El Salvador, he is working with Campus Crusade for Christ.  As soon as I get emails from Anthony I’ll post them on our Blog.  Nick Stewart is about half way done with his year in South Africa (we are skyping with Nick this week).  Michelle Carter is in Thailand and her June report is up at (Thailand just elected its first-ever women Prime Minister!).  Casey DeLaCruz is in Uganda, working at an orphanage for a few more weeks.  When she gets back we’ll get a report from her.  Please take a minute right now to pray for them.

Movie Night (7/13) – This week we’ll be watching the movie: “Needful Things”.  The movie raise questions on the nature of evil (and Satan) and own sinful desires.  It’s sure to be a good discussion!   No game this week – we are planing on skyping Nick right at 7:30.  DON”T BE LATE!  He is getting up at 4:30 for us.

VBS (7/18-22) – We will not be meeting on July 20th, instead I hope everyone that can, will volunteer to help at Vacation Bible School.  We need 100+ volunteers to pull off the week. VBS runs Monday – Friday from 6pm to 9pm.   If you haven’t yet signed-up to help, email me ASAP (

Car Rally (8/3) – If you haven’t yet “Rallied” with us, the Car Rally is sort of like a team riddle-solving-scavenger-hunt that will take you all over town in your teams car…  It will cost $3 (it’s free for VBS volunteers).  We will start at 7:30pm Sharp!

Paddle Board Races (8/24) – Dinner at the beach and then Paddle Board Races (or cheer on your friends).   I got prizes for our first-place guy and girl!

True U – We have few week of video left that we’ll watch in between these events.   I love’d the discussion following the video last week… I was reminded of what an insightful group we have!   I was so impressed and humbled to hear your insights and application from Deut. 6:5.

Coming this Fall – We are going to study through one of Paul’s letters (sshhh… Its a secret, as to which one)  and I will lay out a challenge, unlike any that I have every set before any of my groups before! Pray with me that God will use it challenge and change our lives.

Embrace the Day-



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