“Willow Creek Community Church’s formal relationship with Exodus International has ended.”  So goes the first line from a story that caught my eye this week.  Willow Creek is one of the biggest (and most influential) churches in America.  Exodus International has a great ministry working with homosexuals and people impacted by those relationships.  You may remember when Apple took Exodus’ App down from their store because of pressure put on Apple from same-sex advocates.  There is no question that Exodus’ ministry is counter to popular culture.  To see Apple fold to special-interest group pressure is not surprising.  What is surprising is that Willow cut ties with them will a lame excuse (actually no reason given). .  Ministries like Exodus exist to support the work of the local church and play a roll helping to build bridges to communities that the local church has not traditionally be effective in reaching.  Exodus is also a voice calling out in the wilderness of our world  (pun intended) that your sexuality and expression of it matter to God. They also send a life-line to people who may be hurting but not know where to get help.

Willow may have a legitimate reason for cutting ties with Exodus.  I’d love to hear it…  until then I’m calling them chicken.  Just like Apple.

Here is the CT article:  http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2011/julyweb-only/willowcreekexodus.html?start=1

Question for you:  If we fold under cultures pressure to support a ministry like Exodus, how long before we cave on ministries like XXXChurch?  After all if popular culture embraces same-sex relationships the whats wrong with embracing pornography?

Are they chicken?

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