Michelle’s July Update

Hello family!  This month God blessed us with the help of a Thai international church in California. It was a really good opportunity for many of our Thai students to meet Thai Christians from a different country. The team mainly focused on helping us improve our English center as well as campus outreach. I was really blessed to meet people who new and fully understood what its like to be caught in two different cultures. I’m excited to work with them again soon.


We also had Pataya baptisms this month Woohoo! And Thui from our English class has accepted Christ and got baptized. God is so crazy!  Thank you all so much for keeping him in your prayers this past month.  Also Sher and Nan who accepted Christ just last month were baptized as well as Sun who came in March, Tdon who joined the family back in  December, and Top. It was so awesome to see them make there new life of freedom known to God , the family and the city of Pataya, I’m excited and blessed to continue to see there transformations.

I have been continuing my teachings and discussions with the girls, on self worth, forgiveness, and confrontation this month. I just want to thank you all for holding me and the girls up in prayer as we have been pushing through rough waters, I’m happy to report that things are getting better, and the girls are growing in understanding what being unified as Gods family means, this of cores is a long process, but we have won many battles this past month. And we are only getting stronger.

Also, i made my visa run this month, praise the lord. Thank you all who supported me and made this possible. I had a safe trip, and I good visit with Sii Tut but unfortunately I was only granted another two month stay in Thailand, so I will need to leave the country in September. since this visa expires a month ahead of time I would like to try and come home to my best friends wedding on august 12th, I would also stay to work and raise more support until November. My ministry leaders have already blessed my decision to leave early. But will need to try and buy my ticket whether it’s for august or September in the next few days. God has already provided most of the cost. so I only need $500.00 more to make it home. please pray if God would have you give towards this. Thank you all so much again for all the love prayers and support you have given. Hoping to see you all very soon. 

With one heart

Michelle Carter


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Michelle’s July Update

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