From Michelle:
just wanted to thank you for all the prayer and support you and the college group have given me, i will be returning to the states september 19th and im excited to see everyone and share whats happened this past year. i forgot to send prayer requests with this past update, so… if you could pass it on at study that would be awsome. we need prayer for the 2 thai girls that will take over the house while im gone, and also three male leaders for the boys house. it will be the first time BJD will have a full thai staff with out any foreign help and im supper excited, and a little scared. so please keep our new leaders in prayer for strength unity and wisdom. me and the two other foreign staff will be working closely with them this month before leaveing. they are an awsome group, so it will be awsome when i return to thailand to see all that God has done.
Prayer Request from Michelle

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