August update

Hello friends and family

Praise!! We had a new student move into the house this month. Her name is Bear and she comes from central Thailand. She has never herd of Christ before, but came to us looking for a place to stay while trying to finish studying. This past week she started coming to English classes and has been gaining relationships with the girls. We pray that she will feel the love of God in the house.

Sadly this is my last update from Thailand for the year 2011. I will be coming to the states in a couple of weeks and while I’m excited to see all of you this means my update letters will look a little different. Because they will be different I really want to focus this update on prayer requests for the BJD house.

The girls house is still in need of female leadership and though I’m coming back to BJD, the time im gone will be challenging. I will be doing skype conferences and have made small groups for the girls to run. Also this year me and the girls have set up different systems for them to take care of the house and each other. I’m excited to see them take charge with there responsibilities and keep growing, at the same time I’m extremely nervous.  Please keep the girls and me in prayer.

Also English ministry will be run by a student for the first time. So please pray for a good support system to encourage her and more volunteers as well.  For the football ministry that more students outside of BJD will join, also wisdom and piece for the leader as he is also the only staff  for the boys house.  For our campus ministries as our prayer, worship and lunch ministries are all being taken over by students.

For the first time the BJD house will be run with a full Thai staff. EXCITEING!!!  because we want to see them create ministries of there own. but This makes the next four months super nerve racking. so pray for growth in relationship and peaceful work with eachother.

With there blessing these are the new staffs names and responsibilities please keep them in prayer as much as you can.

Pi Boy & Pi Aoew (ministry leaders)

Nirut (boys House staff & Football ministry)

Gif (English ministry)

Top (campus ministries)

Turd & Monit (media ministry)

Bear, Nat, Noum (the oldest students in the girl’s house. helping me lead the  house while I’m Gone.)

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and prayers this month as it is an emotional one. Keep praying for peace, wisdom, easy and clear communication, over my relationships with the girls, and culture shock as I return to the states. See you all in a couple of weeks. J

With one heart

Michelle Carter


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