My last post had a quote from Karl Bath in it.  He was a interesting man.  I think you’ll find it worth reading the short Bio on him from (they are doing a Top 10 list of theologians, Barth slides in at #9).   After preaching yesterday and talking about God’s unconditional love I was struck with how little I actually talk about His unconditional love in an unqualified manner.  I do talk about it, but almost always with the condition of our response (sanctification) attached.  But note:  how we respond – or even if we choose not too, God’s love and grace (the work of Jesus on the cross and its implications for our lives) don’t change!    Barth was great at teaching the truth of God’s unconditional love in a unqualified manner.  It often left others uncomfortable,  saying that he lacked balance. But if your going to be out of balance, maybe he choose the good place for it?

One question the article raised in my mind was that Barth had a major change of mind in his thinking, rejecting some the teachings of his christian mentors.  They were big issues about Who God was.

How about you:

1.  What was the significant change of mind you had about God, who He is or how He works?

2.  What brought about the change of mind?

A change of mind?

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