Filling out the “Mother” slot on a birth cerificate is not rocket science.  Even the babies name is ussaully picked out before its delievered.  For the cases where parents don’t have a name or they are surprised by the sex of the baby, then filling in a name on the cerificare can be a wrestling match!  Their are also cases where filling out the “Father” slot, knowing exactly who the producing father is can be a bit of a mystery.  But  as for who the Momma is… well that one is hard to get wrong!

But lets say your a single father… and birth mom died while said baby was very young.  And someone else played a significant role in raising and shaping said baby.  Lets say you felt so strong about this significant other that you wanted to have that persons name replaced on the birth certificate in the “Mother” slot?

Now Read this:

Whats your reaction?

1.  If it was up to you, would you let the new man replace the “mom” slot?   I mean who really cares about what a piece of paper says anyway…

2.  If its the man had won the case, why stop at a man for “mom”, why not have a pet that was a significate part shaping and caring for the child replace the “mom” slot?

3.  Where should subjective feelings and opinions over rule facts?

Who’s your Momma?

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