Most schools have a rule about clothes.  They work like this: Dressing in a manner that proves to be disruptive to the educational environment, you must either change your clothes of go home.  Should the same rule apply to a teacher?   And most importantly – who gets to decided what does dressing in a way that is “disruptive”  to an educational environment look like?

A substitute teacher in Washington state who has subbed 19 times at 13 different schools this year has managed to bring home extra homework for his students this year,  “Mommy, Daddy why does the teacher I had today, who is man, dress like woman?”  Of the questions parents expect to get about homework, I bet this is not one they find on their list.

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What do you think:

1.  If its acceptable for a man to dress as woman at school, what could possibly be unacceptable for school dress?  If a teacher was a nudist, why not let them follow their convictions and not wear clothes at all?

2.  If you were a parent in this school district and the school asked if it would be ok to have a cross-dressing teacher, teach your childs class, what would you tell them?

3.  I have to admit that, although nothing really shocks me anymore, of all the challenges our current education system is faced with – this did catch me as being a bit off the wall.   Are you surprised to hear about this?

Uhh… Teacher, are you really a man?

4 thoughts on “Uhh… Teacher, are you really a man?

  • November 9, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Deuteronomy 22:5 – I rest my case

    Josh, you make a valid point about men wearing womens cloths as being purley a cultural bias, but that is exactly what is so scary about this article… When do we draw the line?! Do we allow the most vocal activist groups get to decide what is “normal” just because it is what makes them FEEL right and they complain the loudest.
    When are we, as Christians, going to stand up and say “Nope, sorry. You’re wrong” ????

  • November 8, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    hey Chris

    Your point is really good. The REASON for the rule is the most important thing.

    Just a thought……………

    Where in the bible does it say that a man cannot wear a dre

    Is the reason we are not comfortable with this purely on a cultural basis?

    Im sure in the 50’s the white schools could make a similar argument against integration with the black schools and how it would be bad for the “learning environment.

    Can you deal with that!!!!???!??!?!?

  • November 7, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    On one level i agree with Josh, the school went on record saying that they do not mind if a teacher cross dresses, as long as that individual is in the boundaries of the dress code (i.e. – too short, too tight or low cut).

    On the other (and i would say more important side), the school has to go back to why they even came up with a dress code in the first place… Did they come up with a dress code in order to pave the way for uniforms at the school, and only that reason, or was it to make the learning atmosphere at the school as productive as possible, and in doing so they will limit certain types of clothing.

    If the latter was the reason, I do not think the cross dressing teacher was (even though within the boundaries of the schools “permitted clothes” list) contributing to a healthy and productive learning environment.

    1) You cannot, if they school says that a cross dressing teacher is OK to a productive learning environment, then they have no limits to say what is right and wrong anymore based on convictions

    2) No, if this teacher thinks it is healthy to cross-dress in front of elementary students, i would rather question his mental health.

    3) Surprised…not really, just more disappointed, the LGBT community is pushing hard to get their lifestyle choices taught in the public school curriculum because they are the “squeaky” wheel in our society today.

  • November 6, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Hey Noah

    “The exception would be if the outfit violated the dress code by being too short, too tight or low cut.” -quote from school

    1. From this, I have to conclude that the school is still sticking with the rules that they put out before hand. All that happened was this teacher found a crack in the dress code. He couldn’t be a nudist because it would fall under the premise of being “too short”. Im just not cinvinced that the whole system of deciding whats “appropriate” dress wear has been dismantled because of allowing a man to wear womens clothing.

    2. If I were a parent, I would be uncomfortable with the situation, as I think my kids would be also, But I feel God would use it for His Glory; in one way by teaching my kid(s) that its important to look through the sin and love the sinner. To be confronted with something so blatetently opposite of God’s design, and yet still love and honor their teacher. This, in my opinion, would serve His purpose and, ultimately bring Him Glory.

    Thank you for everything Noah. I am really blessed by your biblical guidance in my life.


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