“Thomas” wants to become “Tammy”.  A boy has been diagnosed with identity disorder.  It seems that he is biologically a boy but would prefer to be a girl.  So he has begun the process of “transitioning” to become a girl…  

Of course we have seen this before.  Think of the so called man, Thomas Beatie (born Tracy) who had a baby (who has since had a total of three children and now is getting a hysterectomy).  More recently the Chastity Bono, now “Chaz” who just grabbed more headlines by participating in “Dancing with the Stars”.

Oh by the way… Did I mention that Thomas is 7 years old? And he first made the suggestion at 3 years old that he was a “girl”.  Thomas lives at home with two moms, no father.

I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic.  I know that personally several people that have strugled to work our identity and life style choices that are at odds with Biblical norms.  I only wish that Thomas could continue to wrestle with this challenge and give it until he is an adult to make such drastic changes.


What do you think?

1.  What yours reaction to this story?

2.  Generally when someone is diagnosed with a “disorder” (Thomas has a “identity disorder”) we treat the patient to correct the disorder.  Who decided that the best way to correct the disorder was to adjust his biology as opposed to helping him grow up and discover that he can function and enjoy life as a man?



“Thomas” wants to become “Tammy”…

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