In a few weeks we’ll start a new series “Dating, Marriage, Sex”.  Wonder why it’s it one of the most popular series we have done from the past?   😳  Here is some inside dirt on why I think the topic of marriage is worth spending so much time on.  I think God had an original purpose for men and women as individuals and in the union of marriage.  Knowing that intent is critical for us to thrive as people. In my last post, I talked about the changes that our western culture is working through and what some of those changes mean for the traditional roles of men.  Traditional marriage (and the family by extension) is changing.  Not just how we define it (i.e. same-sex marriage), but the purpose and value of marriage.  In fact, I believe that as we answer the questions of purpose and value, we can answer other questions (i.e. same-sex marriage).

Read the articles and Respond

1.  Which article did you get most out of and why?

Here are some great articles on the decline of traditional marriage (and the changing roles of men and women) in our culture.  They examine both the why and the result of this decline.

As a side note, I frequently read the “comments” left by other readers of articles I read.  Occasionally those comments are more insightful than the articles are!  For example insightful as the  “The Marriage Gap Presents A Real Lose” article is, these comments may be more valuable then the original article!

“A person and a societies view of ‘marriage and family’ as a vital component of a ‘successful life’ has been a bedrock view down through the ages.  
   Marriage and family, by their very nature, are communal. So are the institutions of church, neighborhood and nationhood. Without a strong family unit, the other institutions become weak and disappear. 
   Today, the view of a successful life in the context of ‘family, faith, community and commitment’ is being replaced by the concept of ‘the primacy of the individual’. In this new view of a successful life, money, career, comfort and freedom are the new drivers! 
   The sad thing about this changing concept is that where the OLD PARADIGM, when achieved, contributed in a positive way to the greater prosperity of both the individual and the community at large, this NEW PARADIGM, provides little in the way of deep and lasting value to the individual, and tears apart the fabric of the society it is a part of! 
   So why is it that the success of the ‘family unit’ is so endangered in this modern era? 
The problem with society today is that ‘so much’ of how we judge success is based on ECONOMICS! 
   Inner happiness is the better measure of success, and economic plays a much smaller roll in the equation. 
yet government and society at large are unfriendly to the family.”  (From: tennisman874)

        “Marriage, a real marriage requires commitment, sacrifice, patience, character, and love…….All of which today are seen as subjective. In a Post Modern world trying to expalin any of the above to younger generations is almost like whistling in the wind….In this day and age everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes, all around us we see the results, and yet we can’t grasp why its happening…” (from: Bob651)

Should be finishing my sermon, but I couldn’t wait…

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