I recently made a comment, that upon further review, I wish I could take back.  It’s to late to undo what was said but there is plenty of time to practice what I said I was considering doing less of…

Looking at my families charitable  giving (money given) over the last year, I felt that maybe we had been overly generous this year and that I was “thinking of being less generous this next year”.  But upon all reasonable perspectives, my family suffered no ill effects of my so-called “over generosity”.  We never went hunger.  We got to go on a vacation.  We ate out on occasion.  We have plenty of clothes (even if my boys insist on letting no knees in their pants live long without holes in them).  In short we haven’t been giving till it hurts.  I think it safe to say that if you are not hurting you can give more.  I would never assume that I had a good workout at the gym if I didn’t leave with a good sweat and little ache.

We have a model for this beyond the gym.  God.  He finished here with more than a little sweat and a slight ache.  He gave generously.  In fact he encourages us to call on His generosity too.  James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom he should ask God, who gives generously to all , without finding fault… God gives sacrificially – shouldn’t I?

I wish I could go back to the conversation and say “my goal is to give more this year, I know I could of done more last year”.  Fortunately, this year I can let my actions speak louder than my words.

How about you?

1.  Considering your time, talent and treasure ($), how did you do this past year?  Did you stretch yourself?

2.  I have found that for most of us, we tend to be good at giving in one area but struggle in another.  Where do you think God wants to stretch you?

Here is a great article I read on the same subject:


Give more… (money too)

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