So I’m in the gym the other night.  They have like 5 televisions in the Cardio Room.  Normally they have a mixture of News and Sports on.  The other night for the first time that I have seen there, they had on Mixed Martial Arts (Cage Fighting / UFC) event.  For a couple of different reason I have never gotten into watching MMA.  But that night at the gym – I did.  After running I came back several times between sets and watched.  In fact I found myself annoyed when I missed seeing the winner of one match that I saw the beginning of.  As I drove home I thought back about why I was drawn back to see the fights.  As I thought about it, the only honest answer I came to, I didn’t really like.  I was rubber necking.  Like driving down the road and seeing a car wreck ahead and slowing down as you pass to for no particular reason other then to see the mess.  I know other people say they have good reason for enjoying watching the sport.  Here are 3  view from a Marine Corp veteran, a former football coach / missionary and former Cage fighter.

How about you?

1.  Who’s view did find yourself most in agreement with?

2.  Why?

Would Jesus make the other guy “Tap Out”?

One thought on “Would Jesus make the other guy “Tap Out”?

  • February 24, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I am amazed at the last guys deduction of cage fighting as the new pornography because in many ways, he is right, especially if we are watching it as a fantasy of our own desire to enter the cage. I have to admit, I have watched cage fighting to see the dominance of man and the tactical manevours to “tap out” their opponent; and now after this article, I am seriously asking myself, why do I watch it.

    I think I agree with the second two opinions with regards to the biblical character that these sports bring about. From training to playing to teaching, there are very strong traits that can be learned from these sports, but they are not the only traits that can be learned. The last writer makes a great point that I do want to highlight, “Christians become people of gratitude, humility, patience, and fortitude by following Jesus, not by punching each other in the face. Churches that encourage members to participate in cage fighting send the message that they are incapable of forming virtuous disciples through worship and mission.”

    Fighting is not a new sport, what was the purpose of gladiator fighting? But what I think we need to ask ourselves is, If we are called to go and make disciples (Matt 28:18-20) and if Jesus repeatedly tells us to love God and love others, then is cage fighting really helping us to grow in our desire and action of seeing lost men turned into Christ-centered laborers.


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