About a minute and half into the video I wondered if the computer used in the crime would see an early demise.  I had a suspicion about how it might meet that demise.  I was right.  On both accounts.  If good discipline is a 2 part recipe, at least this dad got one part done well (minus the colorful language).  Good disciple should involve 1.  Good Communication – what rules where broken, why those rules exist and what the consequences are going to be  2.  Consequences – whether it is the lose of privilege, making amends where possible, a time out or spanking.  I think this is how we see God use disciple in the Old Testament with the Israelites.

This Dad’s disciple, although highly creative and shows great use of the latest technology and social media available, may lack good judgement too.

Watch and see “Facebook parenting for a troubled teen”.


What do you think?

1.  Is posting a Facebook video fair play in parental discipline?

2.  Is using a gun acceptable?  If not, would a hammer of been?

3.  States are considering laws outlawing spanking.  If you become a parent will you spank?  Why or why not?


Phil Johnson has a good take on this video here:



YouTube, Guns and Parental Discipline

One thought on “YouTube, Guns and Parental Discipline

  • February 13, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Hey Noah

    1. I think that posting that on facebook is completely justifiable. Where do we get our word humble from. I believe its from the same place that we get the word humilitation. This was a great example of a prideful girl getting humiliated/humbled. I totally agree with this and will probably impliment this type of punishment to my children. Humiliation is a great and biblical punishment

    2. A gun is totally exeptable. Except it would have been more effective if he would have the computer opened up and on face book. He also could have used a shotgun

    3. My kids will get spanked…………. and I don’t want to ever hesitate to do it in public.


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