I used to wear a cross.   It was a good reminder putting it on each day that I belonged to God.  Each night I’d take it off and put it next to my wallet to be “picked up each” day, only one night it was gone, somewhere during the day the chain had broken and it it had all come off.  I went to get a new one the next day but as I looked at new ones I realized that I had become fond of the one I had and couldn’t bring myself to replace it.

I don’t wear christian tee-shirts, it seems to commercial, like I’m selling my faith via a walking billboard.   I don’t put christian bumper-sitckers on my car or have a “fish” on my licenses plate holder.  I know how I drive.  Jesus would prefer not to be known by me cutting people off.

So other than conversation and relationships, I am not so “public” about my faith.  But this article got me to go by my friends church (he is a Lutheran Pastor) to ask if he participated in this practice and to perhaps put on one of these “crosses”.  He wasn’t there, so I sighed a sigh of relief that I could get out of putting on such a public display of my faith…

I have participated in Lent several times but not like this:


What do you think?


Is that a Cross you’re wearing?

One thought on “Is that a Cross you’re wearing?

  • February 24, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Interesting article. I had no idea this happened and it will be interesting how that experience goes. The fact they are meeting outside a hospital seems fairly strategic, but I am curious as to how effective this testimony or action will be to non-believers. Will this communicate the Gospel effectively?

    With that said, I am encouraged to see a traditional denomination taking a step outside the building of the church, outside of their comfort zone, to publicly display their faith and take a step of faith to see God move. I will pray that they are filled with the Spirit to have boldness and courage when sharing the Gospel.


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