Every 4 to 6 months Apple comes out with a new product.  And their are great.  Usually in more ways than one.  One of the greatest testament to their products is – how other companies are quick to copy their new products.  The new iPad was released today and it didn’t disappoint.

Here is the thing – I have a iPad 2.  I read about the “new” iPad on what is now an “old” iPad.  Just like that, I got it 6 months ago and it already the “old” technology.  On the one hand its pretty cool how fast technology is advancing.  On the other hand it seems a little disturbing.  Who can keep up with all the cool “new” stuff that comes out?

I took television to the Goodwill today.  They said they don’t take televisions anymore.  I said it works great and it has a remote that works, with batteries.  No one wants round tube televisions anymore they said.  So I took it the dump.  That is what you do with “old” stuff that no one wants anymore.  Thats how it goes in our world, something new comes out -we like new – we buy new – we throw old out.  Things that once we thought we couldn’t live without we dump.

Could it be that living in a society that treats almost everything like I did the television, that we might find ourselves treating people the same way?  Could it be that excitement of getting someone “new” encourages us to dump the “old”?  Could it be that people become just like the products that we consume, when we are done with them or we see something better, we dump the “old” for someone “new”?

I think it could be true.

What do you think?

The NEWEST-latest-greatest…

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