What is Female Virtue?  After reading this article I had whole new perspective on the challenge facing girls in our world today.  I imagine girls today feel torn between two enormous pressures.  One the one hand to be treated with respect for who they are.  On the other hand to feel accepted and be desired.  The problem:  in our world today to be desired often seems to come at the expense of being treated with the respect deserved.  I read an article that address the challenge of what it means to be a woman living as God designed, facing these pressures and choose to respond to them.

I loved this quote from the article: “The important thing that I wanted to communicate in this is that a response is required. It is absolutely necessary to female virtue.  When some young man (or older, whatever) is imposing on you, you must not be imposed on. You do not just let these things happen.”  (underline is mine).

Yes  – a response is required in life when we have the opportunity!  Don’t be a victim.  When you have the power to act – do it.  Demand that men change their behavior.  God created you to be treated with respect!

Although this article is written for women, it’s insights are needed not jus for women but for men to consider too.  Men need do be faced with the culture we have helped create that has increased the pressure on women to abandon the kind of female virtue that God created for women to exemplify.  Again A RESPONSES IS REQUIRED for men too. First to take responsibility of your own actions, secondly to be your brothers keeper.  You see your other guys treated women in a less then honorable way, say something!  Be a man – take action.

Read the the article, I’d love to hear your thoughts.







Female Virtue… a response is REQUIRED (from guys too).

One thought on “Female Virtue… a response is REQUIRED (from guys too).

  • April 30, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Great Article Noah
    Im not sure what you were doing on site like feminagirls.com to find this but Im sure you have good reasoning..
    This arcticle helps me to see more clearly the qualities in a good womenshould be. She will be a girl who wont put up with us boys crap and demands that we “act in a manner worthly of our calling” (somewhere in the bible…)

    “Often times in Christian circles these impositions are super subtle, and seemingly completely innocent. Sitting down next to you on a bench which provides a suddenly private conversation. Patting your back and lingering for a little moment too many.”

    This is the most important part that I as a christian man should get out of this article. To be extremely careful on how I interact with girls from bible study. Certain things might be leading them on or just making them uncomfortable.


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