Growing up there was a popular TV show called “Eight is Enough”.  Eight being the number children in the house.  When Heather and I got married the one thing we really didn’t see eye-to-eye on was how big a family to have.  She want a big one and  I wanted a small one (2 maybe 3 kids).  Guess who won?  We now have 5 (I’m not keeping score but I think Heather is ahead in most of our contests).

The first time I think I really thought seriously about family size was at Summer Camp many years ago.  I was interning for a a church and was in charge of the kids and staff from our church that year.  I was talking with two of the youth pastors (both of whom are among my best friends still today), and the issue of birth-control came up.  One of the pastors had just had his 5th child.  The other wondered if 5 was enough.  To this he responded, “Children are blessing from the Lord”…  “blessed is he who has a full quiver” (Psalms 127:5)…  he had no intention of stopping!   Funny thing, he did stop.  Years latter I asked him about this conversation and what changed his mind about having more kids.  It was great and insightful conversation, one that would aways impact my conversations and thinking on the subject.

I have found that, especially among christian parents, there are few subjects that people have as strong opinions about as they do about birth control.  And for good reasons.  There are moral, social, financial, world-view and a long list of other ideas and convictions that shape how people think about the issue.

It may be a while before you have to make a decision about these things, but it will be a big factor eventual for most of you and certainly a subject that deserves some critical thinking.

How about you?

How many kids would you like to have and why?

Will you use birth control of some kind?

What about adoption, will that play a part in you design?

Here is good article that gives serval factors that ought to play a part in your decision making process:


Is eight really enough?

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