I have a theory why we don’t read or pay as much attention to the Old Testament as we do the New Testament.  It’s in the the name: “Old”.  We like new stuff more than old stuff.  You may want to argue with me but very, very few us shop for clothes at thrift stores.  If we had the money, most of us would by a new car even though a used car is almost always a better value.  Another reason is progress.  Our modern view of the world believes that the newest information is the best and most reliable, we tend to think that the best answers lay in the present or future not the past.  Consider also how we talk about the past,  “Don’t live in the past” or “focus on what you can do today” or “that’s ancient history”.  All of these statements, true or not, downplay the importance of history and what it teaches us about ourselves, God and the world we live in.

We are going to spend the next serval weeks looking at the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament.  Some the best illustrations of life, truth and doctrine are found in the Old Testament.  Many of our favorite characters and stories come from it.  Most of all I think you’ll be reminded that the “Old” part of our Bible is essential to understanding the “New” part of it.

To get you thinking..

What book is your favorite of the Minor Prophets?

What is the most convicting message for you from them ?

How many Minor Prophets are there?

Why are thy called the “Minor Prophets”?

What do Jonah and Pinocchio have in common?



Progress… leaving the past behind? (or What do Jonah and Pinocchio have in common?)

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