Josh texted us a reminder that the first Presidential Debate is on TV tonight.  It reminded me of how politicians are often like the religious leaders Jesus faced.

Part of the passage I’m teaching on this week tells this about a question the religious leaders are asked: “They discussed it among themselves and said, “31If we say…   32But if we say…” (Mark 11:31-32).  Notice that their first reaction is to calculate their response.  Now there is nothing wrong with thinking through you answer, especially in answering serious questions.

But calculated responses often are given at the expense of telling the truth.  

That’s the problem with the religious leaders answer.  It comes with a total disregard for the truth.  In fact they have no desire to deal with the truth.  They know it will have consequence that they don’t want to face.

Watch the Presidential Debate tonight and observe how often they give calculated responses that only deal with part of the question or give no answer at all.

Listen to how you and other christians often answer difficult questions about our faith (subjects like: Sex Before Marriage, Hell, Divorce or The Exclusivity of Jesus).  Often we give calculated answers that are only partially true or avoid the truth altogether.

That why WE  often give calculated answers.  Calculated answers give us the freedom to proceed in conversation without dealing with truth head-on and dealing with the consequence that may come from being honest.

How about you?

1.  Who are you most likely to be less then honest with?

2.  About what subjects are you most likely to give a calculated answer to?

3.  Ever think of  good situation where you’d lie on purpose?


The first casualty of war (& politics & religion & life) is truth…

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