We all like to look respectable in public (hence the last minute look in the mirror before we leave the house) and for some looking respectable is acceptable, but some not content with just acceptable, make a real effort to attract attention!

Most people I know (me included) use clothes, hair styles or color of hair, jewelry, piercing, tattoos, perfume or cologne to make a statement about who we are, what we like or to be identified with a particular cultural group.  No biggie.

But we all know individuals who go to extremes to make statments to draw attention to themselves or the causes they support.  Sometimes those extremes are effective, and other times they end up drawing attention but not the positive type desired. 

A few weeks before the election I saw an article about a guy who got a tattoo coving part of his face advertising the presidential candidate he was supporting.  This last week the 49ers new starting quarterback attracted attention, less for his skill as a football than for tattoos that covered his upper-body.  Companies work hard to capture the publics attention too.  I’d love to get a hold of the  bottle of new Pizza Hut Perfume, ‘eau de pizza’, wear it to our College 20 Somethin’s group – just to see (smell?) the reaction!  Pizza Hut wasn’t the original “smell a food” perfume… In 2008 Burger King put out a cologne, a ‘meet flavored body spray’.  Ah, SMELL the creativity

Creativity, on a personal level or from a company, can be compelling and other times it’s distressing.

I want you to consider  what Pizza Hut is doing with their Perfume.  To some it may it be compelling to others it may be distressing – but it certainly is creative!  2 Corinthians 5:11 says “Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade others.”  In fact verse 14 Paul continues “For Christ’s love COMPELS us…”.   Of all that statements you make with your life, what could be more important than what your life says about God?  And who would disagree that on occasion we see really compelling statements about what living for God is all about and sometimes we see really distressing cases of the same.

But here is what I want to ask you… when was the last time you made a deliberate attempt to attract a person or persons attention to God?  If it’s important like Paul makes the case for in 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, what deliberate things are you doing?

I love the story Donald Milled tells in his book “Blue Like Jazz” of his friends setting up a “confessional” booth at Reed College.  Take about a creative way to share about their faith!   I just watched a great video (that we’ll watch in few weeks) called “Genius” by Ray Comfort.  He uses his gift of public confrontation in a creative way to compel people to consider taking God and His word seriously.

How about you?

1.  What creative, compelling ways have you used to help others consider committing their lives to God?

2.  Why don’t more Christians make regular, deliberate attempts to compel others to consider committing their lives to God?

3.  If you were to create a Perfume or Cologne to advertise Jesus (I’m NOT advocating that you do, but), what would you call it?






Perfume & Pizza Hut…

One thought on “Perfume & Pizza Hut…

  • February 18, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I worked at Pizza Hut for two years and I went home every night smelling like pizza. There is no way I would wear their cologne.

    As for God, He and I are tight. We are closer today than ever before and the question that brought us so close together was the same question He asked Adam in the garden after Adam came out of hiding… “Who told you that you where naked”?

    Translate that to today’s terms…
    “Who told you that you where unworthy”?
    “Who told you that you where incomplete”?
    “Who told you that you where worthless”?
    “Who told you that you where not loved”?
    “Who told you that you where a sinner”?

    Jesus told the women who was to be stoned, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more”. This was not a request but a commandment. He would not tell her to do the impossible. Instead, he told her that she could not sin, only learn from her life.

    Who told you that you where naked? Who told you that you where unworthy or that you where a sinner?

    Was it the serpent? Do you not know by now that the serpent lies?


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