A few months ago I subjected a few of you to an hour and half of watching the 1985 movie “Fletch“.  I love it.  You didn’t.  Only two of you there were even born when it came out but for me the character (played by Chevy Chase) was a fixture on the SNL’s that I grew up watching.  The humor & plot is classic 80’s – most of which was totally lost to you (probably for the better).  As we talked that night I realized how much of my world (events and people) that shaped me are foreign to most of you.  My favorite TV show to this day is “Magnum P.I.”, as we talked that night I found out most of have never seen a single episode…. TRAGIC!

I’m finishing up my sermon for this Sunday, it’s the 4th annual “Sierra’s Year In Review”.   I spend time going over some the best sermon quotes, video clips and events from this last year.  I also intertwine some world events that shaped our year as well.  As I scanned news articles and “Best Of’s” on the web, one of  the common topics covered is; people who passed away this year.  Witney Houston seemed to get most of the attention.  She was a great tallent but had equally great challenges in her life.  Although her story is compelling in many ways, she is not nearly as compelling to me as the story and life of  Chuck, who was once called the “Hatchet Man“.   He earned the name because, “I was as valuable to the President… because I was willing at times to blink at certain ethical standards, to be ruthless in getting things done“.   It was once infamously said of him that, “Colson could walk over his own grandmother if he had to“.

Chuck Colson died in April this year.  He was famous for two reasons.  His first career was in politics.  He rose to become an senior aide to President Nixon, which came to screeching halt because his involvement in the Watergate affair and as a result he served a brief prison sentence.  His second career was as an evangelist, apologist  and founder of “Prison Fellowship Ministries“.  In between was an amazing journey.  His life serves as one the best examples I know of the genuine power of confession, redemption and restoration.

If you never come to appreciate the finer points of culture represented in “Fletch” or even have the pleasure of watching a single episode of the 8 years of “Magnum P.I.”,  I think it will only be small loss to you.  But if you miss learning about, reading some his articles or hearing his “Breakpoint” commentaries you will truly be missing a chance to hear and learn from one of God’s great teachers and examples in recent history.

Check it out… (and two question for you).

Here is a link to Breakpoint Commentaries.  In fact the lastest edition is about Chuck: http://www.breakpoint.org   (latest: http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/entry/13/21104)   To listen to Chucks Breakpoint Commentaries, go to the archive section and type in “Chuck Colson”  (There are 213 of them.  for some reason his name is under authors twice, use the second option for the most archived editions). http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/breakpoint-commentaries-archive


Here is a link to a ton of his articles for Christianity Today:



His life and influence recounted:




And the 2 Questions for YOU:

For most of us, our appreciation for history only goes back to when we where born, simply because the events and people that have the most influence on us are the contemporary ones.  Because of this we often lack an  appreciation to explore what others who have come before us might have to teach us.  1.  If you could recommend a recent person that has had a profound influence on you, who would it be?   2.  If there is there someone from history that you’d like to learn more about, who would it be?





As the year ends… don’t forget Chuck the “Hatchet Man”.

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    Josh… If you asking if I (Noah) should have a tank etc… OF COURSE! It’d be GREAT for me to have one (I’ll even let you borrow it), BUT I wouldn’t trust the general public with one… 😉


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