I consider myself pretty savvy on the details of PostModernism and the social implications of it.  Then again maybe not.  Take this article/interview on NPR.  The current discussion on same-sex marriage and its place in Western Society is just scratching the surface.  As we push the envelope on redefining marriage (the basic social construct for the western world for more than 2000 years) why not reexamine the whole basis for “male” and “female” as gender identity?  Some (mostly college students: who better at being narcissistic then college students?) are arguing for a more “a more fluid understanding of gender. They refuse to be limited by notions like male and female.”   And that boys and girls is how you get people to say, “We encountered high school students who said, I want you to call me Tractor and use pronouns like zee, zim and zer. And, in fact, I reject the gender binary as an oppressive move by the dominant culture.” and, “…Walker has clients who might be Jimmy one day, and Deloris the next”  Seriously?  Ok, you may read this and it may make total sense to you, but it’s a bit a strech for me… but this IS what postmodernism has bought you.  Get used to it.  I’m trying.

Read and behold for yourself…


What are your thoughts?

Call me “Tractor”?? More proof that I’m just getting to old…

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