I was watching TV last week and there was an advertisement from Taco Bell saying you could get the Playstation 4 before it’s official release.  If you haven’t seen it you can view it here.  What caught my attention was who the ad was marketed to.  Every advertisement has a market group in mind, a group they believe the product will appeal most to and will be most likely to buy it.

I was a kid when Atari first came out.  The first games were Tank and Pong.  I remember when PacMan came out for it.  I spent hours playing.  I also dropped a small fortune in quarters into video games durning my years growing up.  So I’m sympathetic to those that play.  At least kids that play.  But I have a hard time understanding what a 25+ year old is doing spending hours playing video games.  But watch the Playstation ad.  Every person in it looks to be at least 25+ years old.  Advertisers are no dummies.  They spend their money where they know they’ll make money.  They know who will buy (and is buying) their products.

I read a fun article in Relevant Magazine that got me thinking about the ad for Playstation tonight.  Titled “The Before Your’e 40 Bucketlist”.  The list was great.  I like how it balanced the practical and the fun.  One thing I would add:   GET MARRIED.

Surveys show that young people are putting off getting married until later and later in life.  I suppose that’s in part because they are too busy playing Playstation and other video games.

Can you imagine someone in their early twenties putting on their “Before I’m 40 Bucketlist”:   I will dedicate myself to having a “Jesus centered Marriage”, where I dedicate myself to loving my spouse as God would have me love them.  To put their needs above my own.   Looking down the list in the article… although there are some challenging things on the list – there is nothing more challenging (and VERY RARELY DONE WELL) than celebrating God’s design for family.  And I’d also point out that everything on the list is more common than people with satisfied Chirst-centered marriages are today!

What do you think?

1.  After reading “The Before Your’e 40 Bucketlist”, what things would you add to it?

2.  Is getting Married a priority to you?  Why or why not?

1Corinthians 13:11  When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

Playstation and a Bucket List…

2 thoughts on “Playstation and a Bucket List…

  • November 4, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    1. I would add. Build my own house. What an accomplishment that would be to have the opportunity to build a house from the ground up and call it your own.
    Move out of my parents house. no explanation needed on that one
    learn self defence
    keep the same weight as I am in my early 20’s
    Having a life truely dedicated to God
    Earn a good name in my community

    2. Getting married is not a high priority for me. Im not sure whether God wants me to get married or not. It seems He speaks highly of celibacy. However, I do have a strong desire to get married.

    3. Why do you assume that still playing video games is childish? If video games is how some men relax after a hard days work, what is wrong with that? Is it someone more childish then sitting down and watching mindless television? Video games today are not like pong and pac man of the previous generation. They are extremely complex and involve a high level of thinking and strategy. The young kid who may be an expert at a simple game like pong would have no chance of being successfull online in these games. Look at any warefare game. Not only does that involve strategy but also cooperation. You can play with your friends as a team against other teams. They are games make you think

    I might be even to argue that sometimes its more beneficial to play a game that involves that kind of thinking then reading an average book. Reading is a passive process whereas playing a highly complex game engages your mind to actively learn.

    Can you deal with that???


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