I can only think of three really hard choices that I have had to make in my life.  All three had enormous consequences attached to them.  Believe it or not, giving my life over to Jesus was not one of those three.  God convinced me that it was the only reasonable choice.  It was however, the single most important change in my life.  I really can’t imagine my life without Jesus.  So I wonder why others sometimes stop following Him.  I wonder what it would take for me to stop following Him?  If it happens to others, why not me?

Recently there has been a string of articles written about why “Millennials” are leaving the church.  Not everyone would agree with me but, the idea of leaving the church is the same as leaving Jesus.  After all we are part of His body, and New Testament model is that local believers meet regally together to worship, learn and share their lives (sounds like a church to me).

After reading much of what has been written on the subject over the last few weeks, I have my ideas but I want to hear from you.  You are “Millennials”, and your opinion matters to me.  So what do you think, why are your peers that grew up going to church leaving and what keeps the ones that aren’t there from choosing to go?


Here are three articles that might get you thinking:




1.  Which article or opinions do you most agree with?

2.  What issues aren’t addressed that should be?

3.  Why did you stick with, or start coming to church?

Leaving Jesus?

One thought on “Leaving Jesus?

  • November 20, 2013 at 5:19 am

    The article that stuck out most to me was the article from the cnn blogger on religon about why millennials are leaving the church today. The tone was really different than the other articles (almost more of a rant than anything else) and I think her points were stated very matter of fact, which was insightful and inspiring. And it was interesting that she added the caveat that ‘other generations beside millennials leave the church for the same reason’.

    I’m definitely not the best person to ask about why I came to church and have stayed, since I tend to be more religious and more conservative than most of my generation, but with that I came to Jesus out of complete loneliness and rejection. I wasn’t accepted by my peers and I didn’t feel that I ‘fit in’ with them, so out of that Christ was the only person who not only understood being rejected but also truly loved me for who
    I am and demonstrated that on the cross. And so one of the main reasons I stay committed to the church, besides obedience to Christ, is community.


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