Snow for Sand… part V  


January 17th

Leave from Sierra Community at 8:34am (If Matti is driving can someone let the local deer know that she coming?)


Costco in Folsom (we’ll have an “Over/Under” pool for this one on the amount of time we’ll be there.  $3 to get in the pot.  Over Under: 51 Minutes)

Krispy Kreme in Stockton (so Noah can get his Mayorship Back!, Shannon I can hear you laughing as you read this)

Lunch somewhere on I-5

Arrive in Pismo Beach at 5:03pm

Dinner at Klondike Pizza at 6:17pm ($5 to anyone who can get a peanut in Nicks soda cup WITHOUT  him knowing it!)

Ice Cream at Doc Burnsteins at 7:49pm


January 18th

Day Trip to Morro Bay & Montana de Oro (for Paddle Boarding.  Jewelry is optional on the this outing – earrings included although Noah may borrow one).

Early Dinner at Splash Cafe


January 19th

Morning Riding Quad on the Pismo Dunes (Kyle: no killing Josh, Chris try not to roll yours, Josh try to stay on yours) or shopping in town or sleeping or surfing with Kyle or whatever you want!

Afternoon 1st Annual Pismo Flag football championship.


January 20st

Walk to the Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo (a two prizes will be award: one to the person who finds the biggest whole Sand Dollar and one to the person who finds the smallest Whole Sand Dollar. and walk back – this means YOU JOSH!  Yes, Matti and Shannon: I will need another picture of the two of you on the swings).

Leave Pismo at 12pm (Girls: Kelly will dismiss you when the bathroom is clean!)

Stop in Stockton for Krispy Kreme (pray for “Hot Donuts Now” neon to be on!)

Dinner at Chipotle in Sacramento

Back at Sierra at 9:41pm

What you need:

Sleeping bag & pillow


If your going to ride Quads you need pants and tennis shoes.  I recommend you bring gloves if you have them and an old pair of ski googles (there ones you get there are usually pretty scratched up)


Clothes- The weather can be anywhere from a high of 58 to 78 this time of year.  Check the forecast as the weekend approaches.  Remember 58 doesn’t sound cold but we’re on the coast and the humidity is high so 58 there is feels more like 45 here.


Money:  You can pack a lunch for on the way there and we’ll have plenty of food for you to pack a lunch for the way home if you don’t want pay for fast food on the way there and home (SHANNON – that means you buy your OWN Krispy Kreme!) .  Lodging, fuel for traveling, food, snacks  and drinks are included in your $130 (including the Pizza dinner the first night).  The only meal you’ll need to buy yourself is dinner at Splash on 18th (plan of $6 to $10) and getting Cinnamon Rolls ($3-$5 it’s worth the walk just to see Josh’s mad frisbee skillz) on the morning of the 20th.  We will stop at Chipotle in Sacramento on the way home ($7) or you can pack two sandwichs for the way home if you don’t want pay for lunch or Chipotle.   If you don’t want to get Splash or Cinnamon Rolls – there will be PLENTY of food anyway – so theoretically you could bring extra money.


If your planning or ridding Quads on the Dunes- it cost $70 for 2 hours ($100 for 3 hours).  They require a damage deposit of $200 (and even when Chris rolled his Quad 6 times they didn’t take his deposit, so I think you’ll be safe to get yours back too).

Snow for Sand… part V

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