My life can be accurately described as one of many sins. To steal language from our Creator, “as the stars are in the sky” so Joshs’ sins are in number. Now however easy or hard it may be to sit down and make a list of all the sins in my life, it is far more difficut to address and fix the problem. My main procedure attempting to aleviate these sins is dealing with them on an individual basis. If I’m having trouble with lust, I try and focus on not lusting. If I’m worried about finances, I pray for peace; Anger, pray for patience. Whatever it is, I focus on that one and very specific sin. But perhaps there is a more effective way.
 In Professor Rosaria Butterfields’ article, she explains how we tend to think that the sin of Homosexuality as the greatest sin all in itself. She makes the argument however that homosexuality is a mere consequece of an overarching rejection of God as the author of our lives. Although this is not the main point in Mrs. Butterfields article, it does make me wonder about my own sins. Is it possible that they are actually rooted and consequential from the same underlying issue? Like an obese person taking blood thinner medicine for his high blood pressure and yet still visits the golden arches every day, have I been dealing with my sins on a purely superficial level?
What about you???
1. What is your Problem? Really? Is there a deep underlying issue or sin in your life that your day to day sins stem from?
2. What benefit (if any) is there from understanding your sins from an overarching, issue?
Read the Article! It’s super good!
What’s your Problem?

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