EssentialsYears ago as a Youth Pastor I remember we were packing the van to go to camp.  Three days and two nights.  Not a long trip.  I couldn’t help but observe that the girls tended to have bags that were about twice the size the bags the guys were bringing.  When I pointed this out to the assembled group of High Schoolers, one of the girls pointed out that although it was true that the girls did have luggage bags bigger than the guys, she pointed to my bag and said, “but Noah… you have the biggest luggage bag“.  I’d love to deny it.  But it was true.   I always pack way more than I need for any trip, in fact more than likely I’ll have the biggest luggage bag of anyone on a trip.

There is one exception to this rule though.

When I go on backcountry backpack trips.  I take only the essentials.  I learned the hard way on my first long backcountry trip.  I about died because I insisted on taking extras of everything!  More than once I considered leaving clothes and other articles behind because it became apparent how ridiculous it was for me to be hauling extras stuff around.

Some times life is like that too.  We care way more than we need to.  The solution for the backpack trip and life is the same.  Because we can’t carry it all we need to be wise about what we do choose to carry.  See we have a choice as to what we pack into our packs and life.  In fact it’s good rule to leave extra room because you may have to help carry other’s things to for a time.

That’s what this new series is about.  The Essentials.  What are the few things that we need to focus on in life to be the whole people that God intended for us to be that we can’t do without.

How about you?  If you made a list of 5 essentials that everyone ought to keep the top priorities in life, what would they be?  Love to hear you thoughts.


My bag is way to big.

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