Here is a great post from Bryan Rosner’s blog.  He is a jack of many trades and in fact an expert in several of them too.  He is one the men I most respect in our Church.  I’m hoping that it won’t be many more months before he finally makes to ThirdPlace to spend some time lead discussions for us on the topic of finances (hint, hint… next time you see him give him a hard time about coming!).

He is spot on in this post:  “Your finances and your health are more connected than you think

Exert:  “As our guy here grows older, he sadly watches all of his friends who used to be lean and mean, go the way of the overweight, overworked, overtired, overstressed, unskilled, unaware, MID-LIFE AMERICAN. Sure, our savvy guy has way more responsibilities now and all of that mid-life responsibility is still on his plate. But the baby steps he took decades ago to build a solid financial foundation have paid off…”  which guy/girl are you gonna be?

Which guy/girl are you gonna be?

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