Every generation writes it’s own moral codes.  Sometimes little changes from one generation to the next.  Recently, moral codes seem to be changing at an increasing rate.  This last Wednesday we talked about North Carolina’s new state law that says, ‘transgender people must use public bathrooms, showers and changing rooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate’.  The Federal Government has filled suit against the state law, calling it a form of discrimination.

First I played this segment from PBS ‘Morning Edition’ (audio & text available).  Based on the PBS segment and background about the North Carolina law, I asked these four questions to get discussion started:

1  Is forcing people to use the bathroom of their biological sex a for of discrimination?

2  Is there a diction between gender identity and your biological sex?

3  If you owned a business, what would you do with your bathrooms?

4  What does the Bible say about these issues?  And what does the Bible tell us about how to respond?

Here are few links that compliment some of the discussion and might further help you think through the issues.

James’ made the point that a large factor in the understanding the difference of oppinions has to do with a clash of ‘Word View’.  EVERYONE has one!  Even if you can’t define it, it’s the unique road map that helps you navigate the world you live in.  It is the assumptions that you base you ideas on and the foundation that determines what is real and what is true in life.

Here is good basic explanation of ‘World View’ and what a Christian World View looks from Focus on the Family and a more in depth explanation from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry.

James sent out this link following our discussion, it points out how a poorly thought out world view can create confusion.  It is both hilarious and scary. But it makes the point very well that just because you believe something, doesn’t make it true and when we deny what is true, we can look like fools.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfO1veFs6Ho .

Pat brought up the point that at times it like it feels like these changing social ideologies are, “being shoved down our throats”.  Although I am hesitant to agree, his point is made in this article that essential shoots down the compromise that most of us agreed to, making all restrooms sings door, single stall restrooms.

‘The Atlantic’, had an article with the subtitle, “The views of religiously conservative Americans no longer dominate U.S. culture or law. How will LGBT supporters engage with their perspectives on sexuality?”.  It’s worth reading.

I also quoted from the speech of the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch regarding the North Carolina law, here is the transcript of .

Potty talk.

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