Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten season.  Typically celebrated by most catholics and few protestants, it gave us a great discussion at ThirdPlace to consider where in the Bible are we challenged to stop, reflect, and examine our lives.  Throughout scripture we see the importance of allowing God’s Word to constantly re-align our hearts and our lives to God’s priorities, almost as if God knows we are very good at becoming busy and preoccupied and forgetful of His Words.


In our discussion at group we talked about what we should consider sacrificing for lent, considering how much Christ sacrificed for us.  Many people will take a break from social media (yeah right!), chocolate, alcohol, coffee, sweets, etc.  Yet most people won’t consider what is a new habit they could start this lent.  Maybe making time to surrender/examine each day to the Lord, or spending time reading the same verse over and over and over for 40 days, or maybe even thinking of 40 different people you can encourage or serve each day.


Here are a couple articles that can encourage you in thinking more about this:

Lent – A Season of Reflection

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