One of the best habits to cultivate as a young adult is reading.  I’m horrible at making the time to read and the book list I have seems to always grow and never shrink.  Maybe you’re like me and need some tips on how to get through more books or maybe you need to get that book list started.  The beginning of the year is a great time to kick that old reading habit away and start fresh again!  Now you might ask, “How do I pick a book to read when there are so many choices?”  That’s a great question, so here are a couple articles to help.  The first article gives some practical tips to make reading actually happen and the other two are lists of books to catch your interest.

Albert Mohler’s Summer Book List

Christianity Today’s 2017 Book Awards

What books are you currently reading?  What books do you want to read?  Join the conversation and COMMENT below!

Starting Fresh Again
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