Alright!! there has been lots of life giving events these last couple of months. super exciting!
Before I jump in I want to do a quick update on the water situation. Many of you know Cape Town has been in drought for the last few years but we have maintained living off our water reserves. Around November the reserve levels grew scarcely low. The city developed a couple different emergency plans including what we call “day zero” this is the day all city water will be shut off for rationing. Those within the city will instead have 7 water stations to collect water from (it is not a sustainable long term plan). As many went into panic throughout the city the majority of the population and businesses started actually following our current water restrictions. That month we saved an extra 240 million liters, also the local farmers funneled their personal water reserves back into the city’s main damn. This pushed our pre-calculated “day zero” date back into May. Most have calmed down for the time being. We now wait and see how much rain our winter season will bring. I hope this helps and brings clarity for you all. Questions are welcome.

Nations 2 Nations(N2N)
This past February YWAM had our yearly Nations to Nations conference.The conference focuses in on God’s desire for different people groups to learn and share from one another. Lets celebrate the diversity God created on earth. This is Something we feel is very Important to talk about and walk out given South Africa’s history. My friend Musa Njoko has been an HIV activist in South Africa for the last 25 years and produced a Musical called In My Own Voice. she brought the Musical to the stage at the conference. In My Own Voice is an autobiography that raises awareness of the circumstances for those with HIV/Aides. I worked with the technical crew throughout the conference and was so glad to be a part of her production team.

Most of you know I have been working with a ministry called Sisterhood over the last six months. My friends Sid and Kayla started the ministry 3 years ago in order to give young girls in Capricorn (a township close by) a safe place to go after school. A while after they started this the mom’s of the girls expressed their desire to also have a group. So Sid and Kayla started sisterhood moms. This is what I have been a part of and posted about the most. Now that the program has grown the girls are separatedinto age groups and meet on different days. So these last two months I stepped in to help with the 9-12 girls. It has absolutely been a joy to watch both the girls and the moms learn and converse about the character and nature of God However I have currently stepped back from the ministry in order to staff full time with a new program called DBS.

Discipleship Bible school
All these small blurbs of what I have been doing the last two months are adding up to this….
I am now three days away from the first ever YWAM Discipleship Bible school on African soil
What is this you ask??
DBS- is a three month course that reads through the entire bible while teaching the Inductive Bible study method in three months. yep! that’s right! five days a week we have morning lectures that focus in on Historical context and each afternoon we read through a book of the bible breaking in specific sections to verbally do the inductive bible study method together. The school leader Nick approached me back in september about staffing the program and I prayerfully considered it and made a final decision in December. I have been working with him on the side looking at the logistics and doing staff training. on Monday we kick off with 20 students and 9 staf from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, America, and Canada. whoo hoo!I’m so excited to be staffing this course as It brings me joy to see people growing in biblical knowledge, but I’m even more in love with the heart and vision for it to spread here in South here is the beginning of a wild roller coaster ride. I will continue updating you all through our school.

Please PRAY: good health and boundaries throughout the next couple of months as I have been battling new issues with my Back and gut. and many of our staff are adjusting to the culture and climate. will chat again soon.

Michelle Carter Update from Cape Town

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